Michelle Murphy, Director, U.S. Compliance Lead

How would you describe the Oncopeptides culture?

Oncopeptides is comprised of a very talented and hard working group of professionals. Every team member wants to deliver their best each day, and our leadership is always very appreciative of the work that everyone does.

I’m amazed that I feel such a strong connection to my colleagues since I joined Oncopeptides during a time when we were all working remotely due to the pandemic. We’ve gotten to know each other not only through our day to day work but also by getting together for virtual events, like our recent trivia night. It is important to incorporate some fun into our time together! 

Can you explain your role here at Oncopeptides?

I am responsible for managing the development and implementation of the U.S. Healthcare Compliance Program, which includes managing HCP engagements, writing policies and procedures, as well as providing training related to our U.S. operations. I work closely with many other departments, including commercial and medical affairs, providing input and business advice related to compliance. I also assist with annual risk assessments; provide oversight of the U.S. auditing, monitoring and analytics plan; and measure the effectiveness of our compliance program using metrics and key performance indicators.

What do you like most about your job?

I have been in compliance for more than 25 years, and I have learned a great deal about this field throughout the course of my career. Yet, here at Oncopeptides, I continue to grow professionally. I am fortunate to have an extremely knowledgeable manager and a diverse group of colleagues with whom I work and who challenge me each day. I particularly like being able to put my personal stamp on the programs we are developing. Being part of a start-up culture who has successfully launched a new drug is just as exciting!

What keeps you motivated in your daily work?

I love problem-solving and helping my business partners navigate the world of compliance. I enjoy that there is quite a bit of nuance in my work. Working with many different departments throughout the company, including Commercial Operations, Medical Affairs, Marketing and Finance, makes each day unique.

What were the most important factors that made you decide to join Oncopeptides?

I see a great future for the company. We have a strong pipeline and recently brought an important new therapy to market. Furthermore, our leadership team understand the market and their commitment to helping patients is genuine. I am excited for the future.