Nate Hornbach, Head of Patient Services

Can you explain your role here at Oncopeptides?

I oversee the strategy and operations for our patient access and support services. Our goal is to ensure that patients who need Pepaxto can start and continue therapy. As part of my job, I manage a team of nurse case managers who are passionate about exploring all options for coverage. Each day, these committed staff members research insurance information and stay up-to-date on financial assistance alternatives to best help patients, caregivers and physicians.

Will you please share your career experience prior to joining Oncopeptides?

I have been involved in the launch of five new drugs during my 20+ year career. For most of these companies, the medication was the first drug they had taken to market. After college, I accepted a position as a case manager for a biotechnology company, and I found that I liked working with patients, as well as the business side of healthcare. While working at another job, I went back to school at Boston University, where I received an MBA in Marketing and Healthcare Management.

What do you enjoy most about your work at Oncopeptides?

Peter Drucker said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In other words, culture strongly influences a company’s success. Here at Oncopeptides, people collaborate and help each other each day. We work hard, have fun and find joy in moving forward toward common goals. Everyone here wants to help patients improve their lives. We never lose sight of why we get up in the morning and come to work. Providing both an effective and highly tolerable treatment for patients with late stage multiple myeloma is no easy feat -- and I believe it’s important work! Having a product to believe in makes a big difference to me personally.

Speaking of helping patients, what are some specific programs your team has developed at Oncopeptides?

ON COURSE is a branded support campaign our team developed that provides resources, information and guidance to patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. All patients and caregivers are paired with a dedicated nurse for personalized attention throughout the treatment process. With this support, patients and caregivers know what to expect and have a direct line of communication to their nurse whenever needed. Healthcare professionals are also supported with benefits verification, prior authorization assistance, claims management and reimbursement information. We have a dedicated website for ON COURSE and the nurse hotline.

What motivates you in your work each day?

Two decades in the making, Oncopeptides has a deep-seated mission to help patients. Everyone here feels the palpable determination to get Pepaxto to the people who need it most. The many years of research, persistence and commitment to a shared vision culminated in the launch. Knowing that patients will be able to now reap the benefits motivates me each day.